I have an exciting announcement to make!

Here at this lovely Kay’s Community, we would like to welcome a beautiful couple Simone Leete and her handsome husband Paul whom are passionate about seafood.

As we all know, seafood is the ultimate home cooked fast food, yet most of us are limited to a just a few variations of how we prepare fish and shellfish. What we really need is a colour step-by-step guide to producing restaurant quality, fast and easy meals that bring seafood back into our diets.

Australia’s leading Executive Chef, Paul Leete joins forces and chopping blocks with Vicki Brown, Queensland Fisheries advocate and member of the commercial fishing industry for over 11 years. Each recipe in their new release, ‘The Chef and I’ is sensationally delicious, of restaurant quality with novice simplicity.

All ingredients are readily available locally, and each recipe is beautifully presented and photographed within the book to get your mouth watering before you even begin preparation! Vicki and Paul, through the book, inspire an easy return to healthy meals that generally offer greater long term health benefits than traditional meals.

The Chef and I supports sustainable food movement, local farmer’s, organic produce, non GMO food. They even have their own home garden!

Food is a universal language it brings us together and we look forward to learning and sharing all the goodness The Chef and I brings to our community. A simple way to make The Chef and I welcome is to check them out and follow her on social media.

WELCOME The Chef and i!

Join their truly organic, health food movement with us today!
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