Kay Chong


Bringing you the best detox cleanse for weight loss

Kay Chong is a detox pharmacist and a detox strategist specialising in energy production, stress & resilience, and weight loss.

To date, she has helped many Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Speakers (ACES) to regain their optimum energy level, to perform better in life, regain happiness and self-confidennce, and experience healthy weight loss as the major side effect of doing detox program right.

With a vision in mind fuelled by unwavering passion to help her clients to regain their energy to optimum level, to perform better in their life, and gain sustainable weight loss result. Kay started her personal transformational journey as a pharmacist, Kay started to experiment all sorts of diet available out there herself, which allowed her to discover the truth behind those mutritional lies.

Frustration, sadness and disappointment grew and grew. It was then that Kay questioned everything she thought she knew. Everything she learned in university, and everything she learned at the pharmacy.

This opportunity provided her with valuable insights and blueprints on the real path towards sustainable weight loss results and success, which eventually laid the foundation for her to become the successful detox pharmacist and energy coach she is today.

Having struggled in the initial stage during her personal transformational journey. Kay realized that the biggest reason for the high weight loss failure rate among the people is due to the lack of appropriate guidance and knowledge gap in this field that is not presenting and hidden in the current formal healthcare syllabus.

Combining new knowledge, and expertise in these areas. Kay started DetoxMindBody.com which provides turnkey solutions for people to kick start their weight loss and health transformational journey right.

Kay learn the detox cleanse for weight loss the hard way. Yet, with extensive experience in the healthcare field, coaching trainings, and personal health transformational journey. Being a strong advocate for clients’ health and wellness. Kay believes strongly in paving her own path to lead to desired personal goals, and is constantly on the look out for more quality continuous education in health sector.

What began as a young gal’s dream now encompasses the dreams of many. Kay hopes to inspire more people out there to embark on the journey she has chosen to embark on years ago on body & health transformational journey.