Have you ever wandered how to detoxify daily effectively without feeling hungry at all? I was once in your shoe. The times when I were trying out all sorts of detox method and diet, including eating or juicing tons of raw green juice and fruit juices for days, weeks, and months, etc… in hoping to be able to figure out which way is the best way to increase my energy level, to feel great, less sleepy, less bloating, smooth bowel movement, better skin, less breakouts, have healthier BMI, happy… but I was always hungry every time I do a body detox. I feel not good at all, keep thinking of food all the time, and could not focus at all.

Have you ever had those moments when you’re sick of being hungry, no energy, not feeling well during your detoxifying phases? And you get into deepest train of thought that you quit detoxing anymore and start feasting instead, and leave the “detox idea” to next time. And there is always next time and endless tomorrow… and then you regret and disappointed with yourself?

I had those moments too, my willpower is not as strong as what I thought it was. In fact, willpower never works. Not only these detox questions and problems been bugging me… working as a pharmacist in the community pharmacy for 7 years, the question that I’ve always get ask is also regarding about detox, customers would say something like, “I am very diligent about eating organic foods, living a healthy lifestyle by eating more salads, oats, soy milk and every once a while I do juice cleanse detox but i feel hungry all the time when I am on a detox… all these should take care of my detox needs, shouldn’t it? Is feeling hungry ok?” And so I had enough and start my research journey and finally I understand which detox steps I have done wrongly…

What Is Wrong With Juicing?

Yes, juicing are all the rage now. Juices provides immense phytonutrients (plant-based nutrients), vitamins, and minerals through fresh produce and hydration, with more nutrients that are directly available for use rather than tied up in the fiber as they are in whole or even blended foods. Your body doesn’t have to break down the component, and is quickly able to absorb micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and much more. You’ll feel refreshing after juicing.

However, detox by juicing only is not a brilliant way and it is not for everyone on a long term lifestyle plan. It could be really problematic if you do it long termly or just do it with pure fruits only for days and weeks, as they contain high fructose levels which is very bad for your health, hormones, immune system, etc. (Here is why fructose bad for you and the recommended fructose intake per day should be <25 grams per day).

*If you are interested in knowing more about how many grams of fructose each fruits contain of, click here > Table of Fruits and Sugars for more informations.*

“Fruits causes food cravings.”

As for green juices, here is something you will notice if you do juicing, especially kale, spinach, chard, etc… feel the back of your lower teeth half hours or two hours or the next day in the morning after, what you gonna find is the excessive plague like calcium plague tartar build up that you could probably chip some off using your finger nails. What’s going on in there is that there is two ducts underneath your tongue, and your body will dump extra minerals and biochemical results of the oxalates and you will feel it. It is the excessive mineral plague of your lower teeth.

If you do juice fasting the whole day, yes, you might feel clean, refreshing for a little while, but after that you might feel dizzy, lack of energy, feel like a zombie in the morning, and hungry most of the time every 30 minutes to 1 hour. And when doing juice fasting long termly, you will experience the bad side effects or problems with getting too much (overdose) of raw foods, which is very easy to do it with juicing, and it will seriously affect your health and quality of life. In fact, there are even better ways for you to take in nutrient-dense greens daily but not in this kind of methods.

But Most of The People Do Juicing Got Massive Weight Loss & Health Improvement…

Absolutely, sure you will get the results! BUT that is NOT because of the juice fasting as much as you are not doing what you are doing before! Just reflects or journal down what have you eaten before you start your juicing. You will notice most of the time you are eating the wrong “healthy food” or junk foods or something that is horrible to your body that make you sick and overweight, lazy, non-passionate about life! (According to Abel James, the famous The Wild Diet Author)

And the notion of drinking or eating raw is better than cooked food is wrong; and the notion of cooked food is better than raw is also not right… balanced between these two is they key to long term health success.

Besides, let’s face it. The real challenge in our life, according to JJ Virgin, celebrity wellness expert and the best selling author of The Virgin Diet, is that even if we stop all the toxic behaviour now, the 70 billion pounds of toxic chemicals dump each year on earth, we aren’t going to change the trend that is going down the track here in terms of toxicity of the environment. We are surrounded by toxins every single day… the food we eat, the air we breathing in, the water we are drinking, etc… So, unfortunately by just practicing good behaviours or juice cleanse once in a while isn’t good enough to detoxify your body, to have sustainable weight loss, or to have health improvement long termly!

The Solution?

If you are down with getting green vegetables, do smoothies instead! Eat food the way that they are meant to be eaten, which is whole. Just throw them into blender and enjoy it 2-3 times per week. And make the smoothie green instead of colourful or fruity taste, is always a good plan. Add some lime juice into green smoothie to make it taste better OR even better, lightly cook your vegetables (to deactivate most of the anti-nutrients in them) and then only toss them into blender, add in some good quality fats, add on proteins or collagen, in order to have better absorption of those vitamins and minerals from the mother nature!

Besides, according to Dave Asprey, the founder of the Bulletproof Diet, Dave stated that cooking up food which is what our ancestral did as much as they could. There is evidence that they use fire for cooking and it wasn’t just for animals. By cooking them will become more absorbable. There is enzyme in pancreas for you to digest cooked food, so no worries about cooked food not being digested properly! You can take a little capsule with way more enzymes than you can get it any of the vegetables out there.

In fact, some raw vegetables are important, most raw vegetables aren’t necessary. With blending, you still get ALL the nutrients from raw vegetables. Invest in high speed, good quality, heavy duty blender and not a juicer, you will win! And by all means,

  1. Eat lots of vegetables (by volume) especially, sometimes cooked and sometimes raw,
  2. Then loading up with bunch of fats to fill out the taste of the foods and calories and regulate your hunger to an extent,
  3. And making sure that you are getting enough but not too much of proteins from fresh, healthy, sustainable source of animal foods,
  4. Some really high quality supplementation like glutathione, vitamin C, wheat germ oil, collageniodine, etc.

You will feel kind of better if you do it in this 1234 order, just to plug-in to true healthy lifestyle according to Abel James. It will be really awesome because you are eating really good food and you are eating some other things like taking these mitochondria (energy cells) activators, make it fun, more variety, and kick your life and daily performance to the next level!

Hence, the bottom line? You need amino acids to help the detoxifying process of your body in order to get those toxins OUT from your body. In no time, you need more nutrient dense food like animal protein when you are healing or detoxifying your body. Detoxification is inputting nutrient dense foods into your body, so that your body are being prepared for the detoxification process. Get nutrients that can help you pull out more of the heavy metals and PCBs and all other different chemicals out of your body during this phase, according to JJ Virgin.