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DMB – The Best Way To Lose Weight

Hey – My name is Kay, thank you for stopping by. I wanted to welcome you to my unconventional pharmacy, detox laboratory for optimal health. Here in this space, I am revealing the truth behind the “experts,” “gurus,” “doctors,” “specialists” and even my peers’ claims on the government’s best way to lose weight. The side effect of losing weight unconventionally? You will be able to help yourself to burn off your stubborn belly fat permanently that’s been with you for decades. Ya, I know it kinda sounds impossible for permanent effect, but there’s a reason for me saying that…

Pharmacist Kay’s Story…

You see, a little over 7 years ago, I started my first full time career as a pharmacist while I was still looking for ways to reverse my cystic acne and burn off my unwanted body fat naturally (i read tons of beauty magazines, follow government’s food pyramid) and this hobby, little did i know, became my obsession.

I found my own lazy, fastest way to heal my cystic acne, burn off unwanted body fat, and lose weight that I gained during my university years. It is a little secret between me and myself. Little did I knew that anyone would be interested in about knowing about my life or my body, health, and personal growth transformational journey…

Yet, I feel obligated to expose the truth about nutrition, fitness, and health so that people are no longer reliant upon deceptive marketing practices, misleading corporate propaganda, and powerful special interests that have accelerated the worldwide obesity epidemic and health crisis that I’ve seen repeatedly happen over and over again during my pharmacy practice years…

And, I learned that almost everything that I thought I knew about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong. And none of my peer colleagues and healthcare professional friends aware of this. None of them talking about this.

After years of frustration, sickness, severe cystic acne all over my mouth, face, jaw, and increasing flab (skinny fat), I stopped listening to the “experts,” “gurus,” “doctors,” “specialists” and even my peers. I buried my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a lab rat until I found the truth.

It turns out that the popular “healthy” low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, low salt diet, and “effective” 5-6 days running and exercise program recommended by magazines, TV shows, other healthcare professionals, and my doctors, were actually causing me to accumulate more toxins in my body, causing me to be fat accumulation inside and around my organs, non-stop acne popping out, chronic fatigue, long sleeping hours, brain fog, and sick frequently. In fact, the government health guideline is NOT the best way to lose weight healthily!

Once I did the opposite of what my doctors told me and everything that is popular, I dramatically improved my brain performance, my skin condition, and my mind and body health – reversing my own bad cholesterol and bad acne problem, healing my malfunctioning emotions, chronic fatigue, and effortlessly shedding 7 pounds in 7 days healthily without starving myself, nor doing any extreme workouts.

DMB – The Best Way To Lose Weight

I want to show people that they can eat extremely well – awesome, delicious foods – and not only get away with it, but get lean, strong, mental clarity, great sustainable energy throughout the day, and be happy and healthy in the process. You can’t argue with “healthy bakery’s bread”.

My Blog…

That is why I started and launched my first blog talking and sharing my knowledge and things that I’ve learnt throughout my health and personal transformational journey. Why? Because people deserve to know the truth. YOU deserve the truth. You are worthy of devotion.

The blog is a place where I test out my weird ideas, and here at is where I share what I’ve learned, experienced that changed my life.

My goal is to create a place where people can have spirited discussions and debate about issues that truly matter – not just fat loss and getting rid of acne, but ultimately health (mind and body) and quality of life.  I am extremely passionate about addressing the obesity epidemic and health crisis in order to improve the lives of as many people as I possibly can.

But make no mistake: I’m no guru, nor the expert. I do not have all the answers. YOU are the expert on you. I am here to empower you, NOT enable you to do something or make a change in your life. I am just a dedicated unconventional pharmacist and optimal health coach to helping determined people to optimize their health, happiness, and reach their ultimate human potential by being their own guru and health detectives.

My ultimate goal is to ALWAYS give away better stuff on this site for FREE, then other people charge for in their slimming or detox programs who claimed to have the best way to lose weight. I’ve been so blessed that I’ve been in this journey before, and I’m grateful for the opportunity I have now to share my message with you!

Your Story…

So, now you know who I am… I guess the next question is who are you?

Why are you here? Are you here to learn how to start an effective health transformational journey via the right detox method that really works?

Do you already have a detox/ slimming/ health transformational program, but you want to learn how to break the plateau and break the rebound weight/ fat/ acne gain cycle?
Let’s connect. I’d love to talk to you…